The boutique design studio BUREAU Mario Lombardo offers tailored services for clients searching for bespoke visions and creations. Client relationships are built on a close dialogue and trust. The outcome of a collaboration is always meant to last. Therefore a deep understanding of the needs and desires is key.

With 25 years experience in running a design agency Mario Lombardo now focuses on bespoke concepts and visual solutions to guarantee an even greater individual service. An aspect that is and was always a great part of his work. Interdisciplinary. Distinct and clear.

Mario Lombardo ist einer der besten Print- und Magazindesigner der Gegenwart. 

Verwandelt Logos und Magazine in Gesamtkunstwerke.
ZEIT Magazin

Grafik-Design Koryphäe

Art Dirctors Club für Deutschland

As one of the most renowned German designers of our time, Mario -Lombardo has influenced the national and international design scene for many years. His work is considered groundbreaking, testifies to a social relevance, and has been honoured with numerous national and -international awards like the VisualLeader for his complete works, as well as a monograph. His work has always playfully overcome -stylistic boundaries and dares to perform a balancing act -between various -seemingly mismatched disciplines, creating new contexts in -language, space, aesthetics and materials.  

As a designer, Mario Lombardo has influenced the style of an -entire era, and in the age of digital aesthetics he has shifted the focus onto -experimental and craft activities, at the same time breathing new life into print media. His passion for craftsmanship continues to this day.
Clients that have placed their trust in him include KaDeWe, JOOP!, Rosenthal, Mercedes-Benz, Absolut Vodka, Chanel,  Louis Vuitton, Meissen, Atl Oblique and many others.

He was editor in chief and creative director of Sleek and KaDeWe Magazine as well as art director of Numéro Homme Berlin to name a few.

He also runs the niche parfume house Atelier Oblique.

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